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  • Integrated Community Sustainability Plan REFRESH Update!

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    A quick update to where the ICSP Refresh currently stands with King Township. In early 2020 the decision was made to work with a consulting firm on the refresh and update of our current Integrated Community Sustainability Plan. Working with WSP and Prime Strategy Planning, King Township is looking to modernize and refresh the plan which stands as a pillar in our community.

    WSP & King Township had previously had public and stakeholder engagement sessions planned but due to the current operational limits because of Covid-19 these sessions have been post-poned.

    Please stay tuned for more updates as this plan develops and the situation continues.

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  • It's time for a refresh!

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    Welcome to King Township's Sustainability Plan refresh engagement page.

    In King, we have always demonstrated commitment to preserving our natural resources and quality of life. This is our foundation for living, working, and acting sustainably. Planning for sustainability means thinking ahead – in a way that ensures the needs of King's current residents will be met, without compromising the ability of the Township to meet the needs of future generations.

    In 2012 King embarked on a journey to create the plan, a resource that defines the future for the Township of King, community groups, businesses, local organizations and the broader public. It guides and directs how we make decisions, develop partnerships and take action. The plan promotes community vitality and prosperity while respecting, preserving and restoring.

    We've made great strides in making large portions of that plan come to life over the last five years.

    As we reach the end of the first five years, it's time to refocus on what we've done and what still needs to be done. And just like we did five years ago, we're turning to you, our residents, to provide your opinions and feedback on what we've accomplished and what you think we need to focus on for the next five years.

    On this engagement platform, we'll be providing constant updates on our progress. By registering, you'll receive updates as they happen.

    Most importantly, we created several opportunities for you to provide input in different ways, including surveys, discussion forums and crowdsourcing maps.

    Take some time to explore the site and remember to register to keep up with the latest news.

    We need your participation to make it a truly community-based plan.