What is sustainability?

    The most commonly adopted definition of sustainability is, "meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs." (Brundtland Report, 1987). This means the actions we take must protect, restore and enhance our natural environment and promote high quality of life today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

    How did we develop the plan?

    The plan was created through an extensive collaborative process with the community. We asked residents to tell us, “What do you love about King Township?” and, “What changes would you most like to see?”. We had in-depth conversations about the future of King  Township with our Sustainability Task Force, Working Groups and stakeholders from the public, private and community sectors as well as King Township staff. We took a critical look at where we were in 2012, where we want to be in 20 to 25 years, and then we identified creative, tangible solutions for achieving our long-term goals.

    What is the plan's vision?

    King Township is an idyllic countryside community of communities,proud of its rural, cultural and agricultural heritage.

    We are respected for treasuring nature, encouraging a responsible local economy and celebrating our vibrant quality of life.

    Our sustainability plan – what is it?

    King Township’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan demonstrates that we, as a community, are committed to making smarter decisions about how we use our resources, design our communities and manage our finances.

    The plan is a resource that defines the future for the Township of King (i.e., the municipality), community groups, businesses, local organizations and the broader public. It guides and directs how we make decisions, develop partnerships and take action. The plan promotes community vitality and prosperity while respecting, preserving and restoring

    our natural environment. It emphasizes a balance between the environmental, economic, socio-cultural, and financial priorities of our community and it recognizes the interconnections between them.

    What are the plan's themes and goals?

    The plan has 19 themes, organized by the four pillars of sustainability (environment, economy, socio-culture, finance). 

    For each theme we developed a goal (the ideal future), a list of strategies (high-level objectives) and potential actions (specific initiatives that will help us achieve our goal). 

    They can be found in the document here..

    Why does King need a Sustainability Plan?

    The Township of King embarked on creating a community-based sustainability plan because it provides a number of benefits for both the municipality and our community. It is different than other municipal plans and strategies because it provides: Overall direction for decision-making within the community; the municipality guidance to align future plans, programs, policies and budgets with the plan, and a potential resource for anyone in King Township who wishes to become more sustainable.