What is the Township of King’s Community Improvement Plan?

    Using the Community Improvement Plan, the Township can make grants available to property owners and businesses. A Community Improvement Plan is prepared in accordance with Section 28 of Ontario’s Planning Act. This tool is commonly used by municipalities to promote community revitalization. The King Township Community Improvement Plan, approved in 2014, currently focuses on making grants available to property owners and businesses in the core areas of King City, Nobleton and Schomberg. The Plan includes programs to promote business façade/signage improvements; landscaping/property improvements; accessibility/cycling; as well as other matters.

    Why is the Township updating the Community Improvement Plan?

    Now that the Plan is approximately 6 years old, there is a need to review its relevance and effectiveness. In particular, there is an opportunity to make grants available within other areas of the Township, including the Hamlets and rural/agricultural areas. There is also an opportunity to consider grants that will help businesses adapt to the current pandemic and future trends.

    What is the timing for the Community Improvement Plan Review?

    The Review and Update to the Community Improvement Plan is targeted for completion by approximately May 2021, in order to bring the programs into effect as soon as possible. In addition to this planned Virtual Public Open House, a future public meeting with Council is targeted to occur in early March, 2021.