What is streetscaping?

    Streetscaping is a term “that refers to is used to describe the natural and built fabric of the street, and defined as the design quality of the street and its visual effect.” The concept recognizes that a street is a public place where people are able to engage in various activities. Streetscapes and their visual experience largely influences public places where people interact, and it ultimately helps define a community’s aesthetic quality, economic activity, health, and sustainability.

    Why are you streetscaping in Nobleton?

    In 2014, York Region identified a capital improvement program in this area aligning a streetscaping project with a capital project. This allowed the municipality to access additional funding through the Municipal Streetscaping Partnership Grant Program. 

    Where is the streetscaping taking place?

    The streetscaping is taking place at the intersection of Hwy. 27 and King Road in the village core of Nobleton.

    What impacts will the streetscaping cause?

    Vehicle access will be provided most times during the construction period. Direct access to driveways may be occasionally interrupted. During periods when access is not available, please park in a safe alternative location. The contractor will provide prior notice for any access restrictions. 

    What improvements are part of the streetscaping project?

    Improvements will include sidewalks, benches, street furniture like garbage cans and bicycle racks, gardens and flower beds, banner and flower poles, and Nobleton signage.

    When will the streetscaping be completed?

    The scheduled completion date is Sept. 2018.