Webinar Signup & background

Quick update with a link to sign up for both of our webinars talking about Kings Climate Change Action Plan.

Both webinars will have minutes taken and/or recorded for public posting following the events.

Webinar 1 will be covering the development of the plan to date, taking time to look at the predicted weather/ climatic trends over the next decade and on as well as more closely talking about the emissions inventory. After preliminary data we can provide some examples of actions and priorities that have been identified by staff, peers and research that are of interest to the township from both a mitigation and adaptation point of view for both near and long term consideration. Following this we will have time for a Q&A and discussion based on feedback from participants.

Webinar 2 will be covering in a condensed form of webinar 1's introduction material, and opening up more public feedback to discuss the perceived risks and impacts of climate change from individuals within our communities perspective. This exercise will help staff to better understand the perceived risks/ impacts from outside the corporate lens. There will be time at the end to discuss recommended targets and what the community feels is appropriate, given that the changes that are needed to be taken on a community level, between King, partners, stakeholders and residents.

Webinar Link #1: https://king.webex.com/king/onstage/g.php?MTID=ee2beae4ae23b7bd4c7a63b6ca5160970

Webinar Link #2: https://king.webex.com/king/onstage/g.php?MTID=e54f3215fba063760fc7faf7332259be6

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