What is an Official Plan?

    There are many plans that work together to develop and shape a community. The Official Plan tells how land will be used in King Township. An Official Plan is extremely important because it:

    ·  Outlines the future vision of the community

    ·  Establishes policies that help to achieve orderly growth and development

    ·  Directs where sewers, water mains, parks, roads, sidewalks and other services will go in King

    ·  Gives a framework for other policies and regulations, such as zoning by-laws

    ·  Helps people know what they can do with their property

    Why is the review being done?

    The Planning Act prescribes certain provincial and regional conformity requirements for municipal official plans, and requires such documents to be reviewed and updated not less frequently than every ten years to ensure these requirements are achieved.  King Township's Parent Official Plan (1970) was approved in 1970, and has since been amended over 80 times.  An Official Plan Review is required for a number of reasons, including:

    ·  Legislative changes

    ·  Provincial and Regional policy direction

    ·  Managing growth

    ·  Promoting sustainability

    ·  Providing overarching direction to existing secondary/community plans for King's hamlets and settlement areas

    ·  Establish a contemporary overarching policy context for updating Township zoning by-laws

    What does the Official Plan Review mean to me?

    The Official Plan Review can directly impact you. From your health, to your employment, to your overall quality of life, the Official Plan Review is something that you should be involved in! 

    How can the King Township’s Official Plan Review affect me economically?

    The Official Plan considers the development and creation of jobs and includes things such as:

    ·  Providing a range of employment opportunities at appropriate locations in King

    ·  Encouraging new industries and development to employ new workers

    ·  Determining how the land can be used and what places would be attractive to different industries

    How does the King Township’s Official Plan Review make the community more sustainable?

    Official plans determine how the Township will use its land. The Official Plan has an impact on the environment as it determines things such as:

    ·  Maintaining a healthy and flourishing natural environment

    ·  Protecting nature including the environment and various endangered species

    ·  Increasing the quantity and quality of our green spaces

    ·  Improving the water quality through our streams and rivers

    ·  Improving the overall air quality by always considering the impact of development on the surrounding area

    Where can I read King Township’s draft Official Plan?

    The text of the revised draft Official Plan (March 2019) can be found here: Revised Draft Official Plan (March 2019).

    The Schedules can here found here: Revised Draft Official Plan (March 2019) Schedules

    What is involved in King Township’s Official Plan Review?

    The review will include the following tasks:

    ·  Review of Official Plans from other municipalities

    ·  Review requirements of the Provincial Policy Statement

    ·  Demographic and economic trends analysis

    ·  Evaluation of policies in the existing Official Plan

    ·  Identification of issues and topics

    ·  Updating maps 

    How has the public been involved?

    A Public Open House was held on September 24, 2015 to present Phase Two: Policy Directions Report.

    A Public Open House was held on March 10th, 2015. The Township has completed a Background Discussion Paper for Phase One of the project, which was the subject of the Public Open House.

    In 2014, we held a Public Forum on Wednesday, October 8th at the Nobleton Arena and Community Centre to obtain community input on Official Plan Review principles that have been developed using the input we received from the public at a Special Meeting of Council.