What area(s) of the Township does the Draft Private Tree By-law apply to?

Do I need a permit to prune my tree?

Pruning that is necessary to maintain the health and condition of trees, provided the pruning is in accordance with Good Arboriculture Practice does not require a permit. 

How much does a permit cost?

There are no permit fees. Instead, the requirement for removing a healthy tree would be to plant three replacement trees or the equivalent in cash-in-lieu

My tree is dead, do I still need a permit to cut it down?

Yes. The Clerk may issue a permit for trees that are dead, dying, or diseased and cannot be maintained in a healthy and safe manner. However, you will not be required to replace the tree or pay the equivalent in cash-in-lieu

How big do the three replacement trees* need to be? How much is it to replace a tree by cash-in-lieu*?

Each replacement tree must be between 5cm – 7cm DBH or larger. 

Replacement trees paid through cash-in-lieu are valued at $500 per tree times 3 (for clarity, that means a total of $1500). This price goes toward the cost of the tree itself (for clarity, that means $500 x 3 = $1500), and maintenance of the 3 trees for two years. 

*This is based on the established practices and estimated operational costs that have been verified through the Parks, Recreation, and Culture Department.