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Tree tops


"Cash-in-lieu" means a payment equivalent to the cost of replanting and maintaining a tree for two years. This option is only available to property owners that do not have the space to plant three replacement trees.

Dead, Dying, or Diseased” means a Tree with no living tissue, a tree where seventy (70) per cent or more of its crown is dead, or a tree infected by a lethal pathogen(s).

“DBH” means “Diameter at Breast Height” and is calculated as the Diameter of the stem or trunk of a Tree measured at a point that is 1.37 metres above the ground.

“Good Arboriculture Practice” means the proper implementation of removal, renewal and maintenance activities known to be appropriate for individual trees in and around urban areas and includes pruning of trees to remove dead limbs, maintain structural stability and balance, or to encourage their natural form, provided that such pruning is limited to the appropriate removal of not more than one-third of the live branches or limbs of a tree. Good Arboricultural Practice shall also include the cutting and removal of severely damaged, diseased and insect infested trees which must be removed in order to prevent contamination or infestation of other trees, or which no longer contribute to the achievement of forest values.

Hazardous” means destabilized or structurally compromised to an extent that it presents an imminent danger of causing property damage or injury to life.

"Replacement Tree" means a tree that will be planted in the place of a healthy tree that is removed from a property by the authorization of a permit.

"Tree" means any species of woody perennial plant, including its root system, which has reached or can reach a height of at least 4.5 metres at physiological maturity.

Application of the By-law

The Draft By-law applies to Trees that are 20 cm DBH on private property within the Village Communities of King City, Nobleton, and Schomberg, and does not apply to Woodlands or Woodlots.

There are some exemptions to this by-law, such as pruning, normal farm practices, or emergency work. There are also several legislated exemptions under the Municipal Act, such as work performed in accordance with the Planning Act or Electricity Act.

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