What are the Village Design Guidelines?

    The Village Design Guidelines are a series of statements and images that outline the types of design elements and features that will shape development in King Township. Urban design is informed by a variety of disciplines including architecture, land use planning, design, landscape architecture, and engineering. Building orientation and siting, streetscape design, built form massing and special locations in King Township can all be addressed through the guidelines.

    Are there existing Design Guidelines in King Township?

    Yes. Currently, the Township has four separate urban design guidelines documents:

    • King City Village Centre Urban Design Guidelines (2006)
    • Nobleton Village Centre Urban Design Guidelines (2006)
    • Schomberg Village Centre Urban Design Guidelines (2006)
    • Employment Area Design Guidelines (2007)

    Why is the Township reviewing its Village Design Guidelines?

    In September 2019, Township Council adopted a new Official Plan titled ‘Our King’ which supports managed growth in a manner that uses land wisely and elevates the quality of the built and natural environments. ‘Our King’ recognizes that effective design results in the building of complete and desirable places and contributes to the economic vitality and healthy community. There is a need to review the existing Design Guidelines to ensure that they are up to date and align with the new Official Plan.

    Where will the Village Design Guidelines apply?

    The Village Design Guidelines will cover the Township’s three Villages of King City, Nobleton, and Schomberg, and apply in the Village Cores, Established Neighbourhoods, and Employment Areas.

    How will the Village Design Guidelines be used?

    The Village Design Guidelines will provide urban design guidance with respect to private and public realm development and inform members of the public, the development community and builders, Township staff, and Council in the review of development proposals and capital projects that may be associated with the guidelines.